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Rent out your property

Our agents will help you let your home, completely hassle-free


We will find the most suitable lessee for your property.

If you are going abroad and planning on letting your property, but you don’t know how or what the consequences are, please contact Jeco Real Estate for a free consultation. 

We will discuss the possibilities, the legal and financial consequences of letting your property. Afterwards you can decide whether you want us to let your property.

For property management and real estate asset management, for both private landlords and investors and when it comes to financial, commercial, and technical management of your property, you are at the right place at Jeco Real Estate.

More information about management

Present your property

Through our website and our good relationship with HR departments of large international companies, relocation companies and other real estate agents, we ensure that your home is brought to the attention of the right relations such as expats or (management) employees working for international companies who are based for a fixed period in the Netherlands.

Additionally, HR advisors, relocation agents and other housing agents are being informed on our latest offers on a weekly basis. All this ensures a maximum exposure.


Your property will also be included in "home finding tours’ for our own clients. We will also visit your property with other real estate agents and their clients and individual clients who approach us.

At the time of the check in we draw up an inspection report and - if present - an inventory list will be checked. We can also arrange for utilities being transferred to the tenant. We will also assist you with the checkout proceedings.

Because of our excellent service and knowledge of the rental market we can ensure that your property is rented as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Would you like to rent out your property?

Jeco Real Estate helps you to find a reliable tenant.

Please call us on +31 10 30 41 000 with any questions you may have.

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