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Property Management


Would you like your poperty to be managed by us?

For property management and real estate asset management, for both private landlords and investors and when it comes to financial and technical management of your property, you are at the right place at Jeco Real Estate.

In general, one of the reasons for property management is convenience. You do not have to bother family or friends with the administration and you are sure that your house is managed in the most professional approach.

The technical and financial management is an optional part of our rental package. From experience we know it is very important for expat tenants to have a single
point of contact in case of, for example, a technical defect or a leakage. This
is, of course, also in the interest of the landlord.

Our service includes the entire coordination of small to large maintenance.
Jeco Real Estate provides you with the right advice and let the work be
done via external professional and specialized parties. Your tenants are
served while you eliminate that concern.

Because the terminations therefore conducted through our office, we will start finding a suitable tenant so we can reduce the risk of vacancy to a minimum. You will save time, reduce emptiness of your house(s).

If your house (s) are managed by Jeco Real Estate , we will makes sure that you won't have to worry about your properties.

Technical Management

The (technical) maintenance of a property, coordinating activities or responding appropriately to complaints: in the technical management of a building goes a lot of precious time. Jeco Real Estate would like to be the first point of contact for tenants and is ready for maintenance and emergencies. Thanks to a smart approach it enables us to save on maintenance costs.

As a landlord you determine whether you use our technical suppliers, or that you choose to provide your own suppliers.

  • 24/7 reachable: our strength is the non-stop attention, all year round. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can reach us for any technical complaints and incidents
  • Viewer: landlords always have access to inspection reports, rental contracts and delivery documents
  • insurance: we coordinate for you all damages matters which are under the cover of your home- and glass insurance policy
  • Choice of technical suppliers: you as our client, determine whether or not we use your own suppliers for technical complaints or that you would like the convenience of our regional technical service. Each instruction is approved by you prior to the implementation
  • Our technical service: whether it's about plumbing, electricity, central heating system, carpentry etc., we have good contacts and always do our best that there is someone on site within 24 hours
  • Liability: administrator, being Jeco Real Estate can before, during and after the rent-management agreement not be held liable for any disputes between tenant and/or client and/or external suppliers for any disputes and/or emergencies


Financial Management

Jeco Real Estate provides financial scrutiny. We ensure the rent is paid, perform the rental administration, advise landlords on market-based rents and implement changes in tenancy agreements. We take the financial management fully off your hands. If tenants have questions about administrative affairs, then Jeco Real Estate is the first point of contact.

  • Timely rent collection: collect rent and service charge on time
  • Lease changes: during the rental period adjustments of an administrative nature are desired. We take care of the proper handling of, for example, changes in tenancy agreements
  • Rental indexation: we notify the tenants each year with the new increased rent like mentioned in the contract
  • Minimal non-payment: we monitor and identify any late payments. Thanks to a precise credit management we can, after consultation with the staff, act quickly and proactively. If necessary we take legal measures
  • Service charge administration: the deliveries and services named in the rental agreement must be settled annually. We take care of the billing ' service charge ' and we propose the new proposal

Interested in Jeco property management?

Are you interested to use Jeco for your property management? Please contact us for more information.

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